Other Businesses

We will continue to be a company with multiple businesses in a number of industries. Our other businesses include information services, motor vehicles, food and logistics, infrastructure, evnironmental services, mordern agriculture, general aviation services, publishing, comprehensive outsourcing services, tourism, and the ownership of a football club.

Information Service

We provide telecommunication services through our 58.76% owned CITIC Telecom International. CITIC Telecom International owns and operates a telecom hub with key markets in mainland China and Hong Kong. It is actively expanding its business internationally by providing interoperability and interconnection services to global telecom operators. Companhia de Telecomunicações de Macau, a subsidiary of CITIC Telecom International, is the only full telecommunications service provider in Macau. CITIC Telecom International is listed in Hong Kong (SEHK: 1883).

AsiaSat's business includes the leasing and sale of satellite transponders to customers, broadcasting, communications and data uploading and downloading services. AsiaSat is listed in Hong Kong (SEHK: 1135).

Motor Vehicles, Food and Logistics

We own 56.07% of Dah Chong Hong, which is engaged in the sale of motor vehicles and related services, the sale of food and consumer products, as well as the provision of logistics services. The company has well established networks in Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China, as well as operations in Taiwan, Japan and Singapore. Dah Chong Hong is listed in Hong Kong (SEHK: 1828).


CITIC Industrial Investment is involved in infrastructure investment, including the construction and operation of expressways and port terminals. It has a strong and experienced team in investment, financing and the operation of infrastructure projects. Currently, it operates three expressway projects, including the Chongqing segment of the Chongqing-Guizhou Expressway, the Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway (downtown Chongqing-Fuling segment of the Chongqing Riverside Expressway) and the Chongqing segment of the Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway.

We also own 35% of the Western Harbour Tunnel in Hong Kong. The West Harbour Tunnel is a key section of the Route 3 highway connecting Hong Kong Island with mainland China and Chek Lap Kok Airport, which enjoys steady average daily traffic and generate steady profits for the company.

Environmental Services

CITIC Environment Investment Group specialises in three major sectors, namely water and solid waste treatment, energy saving services and carbon finance.
In 2015, CITIC Environment acquired and became the controlling shareholder of Singapore’s leading water treatment company United Envirotech Ltd, now renamed CITIC Envirotech Ltd. CITIC Envirotech was established in 2003 and listed on the Main board of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited in 2004. It is an integrated water supply and wastewater treatment solutions provider with a business model covering the whole industrial chain, including the investment in and operation of the engineering, procurement and construction (“EPC”) division, membrane technology division and water division.
In addition, CITIC Envirotech is a leading global environmental protection and water company, focusing on research and the production of membranes and technology for integrated production techniques. Its business focus is on the industrial water and wastewater segment, mainly in local municipalities, and petrochemical and industrial parks.

Modern Agriculture

CITIC Limited is working to establish a modern agricultural production regime to upgrade the upstream agricultural industry, by leveraging its big data platform to address three major areas of demand related to new types of agricultural production associated with technology, financing and agricultural materials.
In 2015, CITIC Limited became the controlling shareholder of Yuan Long Ping High-Tech Agriculture Co., Ltd., a company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. 

General Aviation

CITIC Offshore Helicopter Co.,Ltd. (COHC) provides general aviation services including offshore oil helicopter flight services, other general aviation flight services and general aviation maintenance services. COHC is listed in Shenzhen (SZSE: 000099).


CITIC Press holds all required licenses for publishing, distribution and retail granted by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television. CITIC Press has four main business areas in publishing, digital new media, education and training, and cultural consumption. It strives to develop into a new culture media company providing professional and high-quality services in this new economic era.​


CITIC Tourism provides travel agency services through a strong business network across most regions of China. In 2012, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development selected CITIC Tourism as a pilot travel agency for standardising Beijing’s tourism industry.

​Football Club

Guoan Club, one of the leading football clubs in the Chinese professional football league, has trained more than 50 players at different levels of Chinese national football. It enjoys a good reputation both within and outside China.


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