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“Providing a platform for employees to excel their talents” has always been one of the corporate missions at CITIC. We not only care about “what our employees should do”, but also “what we can do for them”. Our diversified approach allows us to grow together with our employees.

Growing together with our diversified workforce

As of the end of 2019, CITIC had a total of 287,910 full-time employees (including 154,647 people from Golden Arches (China) Co., Ltd.) representing an increase of 14,566 over 2018. Of these, 49.15% were women and 66.63% were age 35 or below.

Promoting staff growth through incentives

Remuneration Policy

We and our subsidiaries have established a competitive remuneration policy, which is guided by the remuneration policies of relevant local governments and based on business results. This market-oriented mechanism puts an equal emphasis on market competitiveness and fairness. It also correlates salary with performance to reward top talent with competitive pay. Staff morale and cohesion is thus enhanced as is the healthy and sustainable growth of the Company.

Staff Benefits

We continued to improve our staff benefits schemes, including insurance and policies on working hours and rest periods. As required by the Hong Kong
SAR Government, we made contributions to the Mandatory Provident Fund for all staff based in Hong Kong and provided full coverage of basic social insurance for our mainland staff according to the requirements of local governments. Most of our mainland subsidiaries offered a corporate annuity (supplemental pension insurance) scheme and supplemental medical insurance for the more than 138,000 staff they employ.

Promoting staff development through training

Talent strategy

We are committed to building a talented workforce according to the strategy announced during the 13th Five-year period. To achieve it, we focused on building talents of the five major teams, including senior management, industry leaders, advanced technology specialists and skilled professionals, international staff and outstanding young executives. We aim to build the five major teams through “four major tasks”, including recruitment, internal deployment, training and development, as well as staff incentives, to secure a stable and smart workforce for the Company’s development. We support our subsidiaries to establish scientific research institutions and we already gained the support of 7 state enterprise technology centres, 10 academic workstations and 11 post- doctoral scientific research workstations with an attempt to recruit national science academic leaders. We will also update and improve our professional and technical expert pool to attract talents in society to enrich our professional team.

Professional qualification

We optimised our performance appraisal systems and implemented the national policy on reforming accredited “professional titles” and job appointments. Under this new policy, we amended and issued relevant accreditation requirements and procedures. We also applied for the permission to review senior accredited professional titles to improve the judging criteria that are based on work performance and professional ability. As a result, those who have accredited professional titles truly possess professional knowledge and skills. We also assist our employees to get accreditation, with two gaining senior professional titles and 197 gaining Associate senior profession titles. A total of 83 employees, who are senior professionals and high-skilled workers, were divided into two groups for vacation at health recort.

Awards and recognitions

CITIC recognises the importance to care and reward our staff. Chang Zhenming, the Chairman, met with three recipients of the “Special Allowance of the State Council”; awarded 103 local and overseas employees with “Top 100 CITIC People”; recommended one employee to receive the “2019 Friendship Award” by the Chinese Government and another one to receive the “2019 Cultural Master and ‘Four Essential Project Skills’ Award”; supported Daye Special Steel to apply for “Academician Expert Workstation” successfully; and the Company received the “Best Employers’ Award” for four consecutive years.

Training system

We organised a series of key training programmes at the headquarter level. For example, the three-year CITIC Excellent Talent Training Programme trained a total of 146 outstanding young professionals to prepare them to help with the company’s future development. To align with the Company’s strategy of developing high-quality talent, we held quality management seminars for the leaders of our departments and subsidiaries and assisted them in implementing the strategy better. To support the “Belt and Road” initiatives, we adopted an on-site training approach for the first time, focusing on training our employees in Kazakhstan to learn the latest national policies and company requirements. By doing so, we enhanced the ability of our staff to perform their duties and also let them have a chance to get together. To realise the social responsibility of a state-owned enterprise, we organised job rotation for our staff in Hong Kong and Macau for four consecutive years to deepen their understanding of the Group and in mainland China as well as to promote mutual exchange.

Chairman Chang Zhenming met with Mr. Marcos Stewart, the winner of the “2019 Chinese Government Friendship Award” at the Captial Mansion, who is a Brazilian expert from CITIC Metal.


Group photo of the third CITIC Excellent Talent Training Programme

Supporting staff’s growth

Caring for all staff

We strictly follow the relevant laws, regulations and policies to regulate the conclusion, execution, alteration and termination of labour contracts.
We are committed to protecting the lawful rights and interests of our staff to build harmonious relationship with our employees. In our recruitment and career development practices, we provide equal opportunities for all, based on individual merits and overall fairness, without regard to race, gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality or physical disability. We also prohibit the employment of child or forced labour.

Caring for young staff

We built youth apartments in Beijing and other places, and constantly improved our supporting services to make the living environment more comfortable and convenient, while solving housing needs amongst our young staff. More than 600 young staff have moved into our youth apartments in Beijing, which has effectively relieved their living pressure.

Caring for retirees

While enjoying the basic medical benefit, the Company has established a supplementary medical security system for our retirees. This includes commercial health insurance, secondary reimbursement for the basic medical care, and issuing medical funds. Every year at the headquarters, we arrange annual medical check-ups for our retirees and update their health records. For retirees suffering from major illnesses for the first time, we offer them an ex gratia payment. In addition to medical care, we organised various activities for retirees, such as visiting Yanqi Lake and the World Horticultural Exposition. On the 70th anniversary of the founding of PRC, 258 of our retirees were awarded a medal of “Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China”.

Staff activities

During Chung Yeung Festival, we held a special event called “Having Fun with your family in Ocean Park”. With the help of the CITIC Hong Kong and Macau Employees Association, more than 6,000 employees and citizens in Hong Kong enjoyed the amusement rides as well as watched the CITIC promotional video and special show. This event further united CITIC’s employees in Hong Kong as well as expanded the influence and built the reputation of CITIC in Hong Kong. At the same time, it aroused the passion of our people about the country and Hong Kong to jointly protect our beautiful home.

The CITIC Table Tennis Team won the First Runner Up in China Enterprise Association Table Tennis Competition
A special event “Having Fun with your family” organised by the CITIC Hong Kong and Macau Employees Association. organised a special event

In the spring of 2019, the Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association 2019 organised Table Tennis Competition 2019 at the South China Association of Hong Kong. A total of 40 Hong Kong based Chinese companies joined the Competition. The CITIC Table Tennis Team joined this Competition for the first time and won second place. It was the first time we joined a sport event since the establishment of the CITIC Hong Kong and Macau Staff Association. This not only demonstrated our united and uplifting spirit, but also enhanced the relationship amongst CITIC’s companies in Hong Kong, while expanding CITIC’s influence to Hong Kong.

Protecting our staff’s physical and mental Health

We believe that the safety and health of our staff is our primary responsibility. In response to this, we strengthened our safety management, supervision and inspection. We also enhanced the sense of responsibility, with the ability to think of the bottom line and ability to work safely through promotion and education.

Enhancing safety management by monitoring our risks

We strictly comply with the relevant laws and regulations on occupational safety. We have improved our safety management system to ensure all our safety measures can be implemented thoroughly and effectively at every level of the organisation.

Improvement to our risk management system
CITIC Mining International (CITIC Australia Mine Project) has implemented a major work injury risk management system since 2018, which has significantly improved the safety production performance. According to the system, each project operating department is required to conduct self-inspection and assessment of 16 major security risks to ensure the effective implementation of key safety management and control measures. All self- inspection and evaluation results are analysed by the safety production management system and reported to the management monthly. CITIC Mining International plans to further improve the safety production management system in 2020, and will gradually promote it to the daily work of all project contractors to further improve the safety production management level.

To encourage our staff to take ownership of safety production and management, CITIC Construction further improved the management system on a 2018 basis and appointed fulltime safety management personnel. Certified safety personnel increased significantly over the previous year.

Safety inspections on our offshore oil facilities
To further improve the safety management of offshore oil, CITIC Resources Yuedong Oilfield commissioned a professional organisation to conduct comprehensive, systematic and in-depth safety inspections of some regional projects to see if the offshore oil and gas extraction activities are in compliance with national laws and regulations, and other safety standards. Diagnoses were made to identify potential risks and hidden hazards, while making scientific, reasonable and effective safety measures and recommendations for continual improvement.

Building reliable safety protection system to ensure staff’s health

We attach great importance to the protection and management of all aspects of work and strengthen security protection measures. We distribute protective equipment to employees who engage in occupational hazard-related work, and conduct health checks for them regularly to ensure safety and occupational health.

Caring for staff’s physical and mental health
CITIC Mining International developed the “Employee Mental Health Management System” and organised a mental health seminar for employees on “mental health and stress management”.

CITIC Heavy Industries attaches great importance to the prevention and control of occupational diseases, and continuously monitors and inspects those who engage in hazard-related works to ensure they are wearing occupational hazard protective equipment so that they are fully protected. In 2019, we also offered medical check-ups for 1,390 members of its staff engaged in hazardous operations. The Company also tested for the risks of occupational diseases in 164 areas at 108 work posts. The failure areas are required to be rectified.

Caring for the safety of overseas employees
To enhance and align our training and education for our overseas staff, CITIC Construction organised special training for staff working in our Latin America, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and CIS branches on how to deal with emergencies abroad. CITIC Construction also collaborated with International SOS to provide online safety and health training for the company’s overseas frontline employees (about 300 people) and overseas travel safety training for women leaders. In response to individual political crises and areas with high public security risks, the Company will make a timely response to avoid property and personal safety risks by evacuating relevant staff, retaining minimum personnel and rotating them regularly. In addition, the Company strengthened the protection of camp facilities in accordance with changes in the situation, improved emergency plans, and prepared a emergency supplies to protect the Company’s personnel and property.

Safety training to increase awareness and ability to work safely
Through regular training and practical exercises, employees can acquire extensive and in-depth safety knowledge to effectively improve their awareness and ability to work safely. In 2019, CITIC Resources Karazhanbas Oilfield organised safety training in industrial safety, labour protection, civil defense, fire protection, etc. A total of 5000 staff attended the training. On the other hand, CITIC Construction organised a construction project competition called “Safety and Quality Winning Cup”. All business departments mobilsed their members to take part in this competition with a view to enhance their enthusiasm and construction quality and safety. Eight out of ten construction projects joined this competition.

CITIC Heye: Training in fire safety our CITIC Tower

Fire safety in high-rise buildings has always been a worldwide problem because evacuation, ventilation and smoke extraction, and rescue work are difficult. In 2019, the construction of CITIC Beijing headquarters, a new office building, was completed. As the highest building in Beijing, the safety of CITIC Tower is not only related to CITIC’s future development, but also social stability and security. As the developer and management company of CITIC Tower, CITIC Heye has implemented safety management with higher standards and stricter requirements to fulfill its responsibility. The Company also increased the awareness of risk management and control by establishing and continuously improving the fire safety management system of the building to ensure the safety of life and property of personnel.

Gain advanced experience
The management of CITIC Heye led a team to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places to learn their fire operation and maintenance management and experience in setting up “one station and two teams” (mini fire station, technical rescue team and firefighting team) of high-rise buildings such as Guangzhou Tower and Shenzhen Ping An Finance Center Rescue). They also had in-depth conversations with local fire management departments, such as the Guangzhou Fire Brigade, to learn about their experience in fire safety for CITIC Tower.

Improve the organisational system
The “one station, two teams” of CITIC Tower was established in accordance with our own actual needs, realising the internal and external linkage service mechanism, and opening up the “last mile” of fire prevention and control. CITIC Tower is the first high- rise building in Beijing to establish a “one station, two teams” fire management system.

Carry out integrated practical exercises
On July 30, 2019, a comprehensive fire drill for high- rise buildings was held at CITIC Tower in Beijing. This exercise comprehensively tested the resilience of the full-time firefighting team of CITIC Tower, and laid a solid foundation for the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of the building.

1 On 13 August 2019, the Beijing Fire Rescue Corps hosted the opening ceremony for the CITIC Tower fire rescue technical team.
Fire Fighting Team at CITIC Tower
Fire-fighting robots in the integrated practical exercise