Community Service:
Our social mission for a better future

We have received strong support from the government and the general public for our business in many countries and regions. With the active participation of our volunteer teams, we consider it our social responsibility to give back to the communities we serve and promote prosperity. We also follow the provisions of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Public Welfare Donations and other national laws and regulations to manage our external donations. In 2021 CITIC and its subsidiaries contributed approximately RMB120 million, organised 440 volunteering activities and engaged 20,000 volunteers with a total volunteering hours of 38,000 to local communities.

Awards and Recognitions

CITIC Trust received the Outstanding Contribution Award from the Beijing Chaoyang District Red Cross Society for its donation to combat COVID-19.

CITIC Pacific was named a Caring Company by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service and received the The Community Chest Award for Outstanding Service.

CITIC Telecom International was awarded the Sports Friendly corporate logo by the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong.

Revitalising Rural Villages

In 2021 we kicked off our campaign to promote village revitalisation. For this campaign, we invested more than RMB78.00 million to the Pingbian County and Chongqing Qianjiang District in Yunnan and Shenza County, Tibet.

Focus on the “Five Revitalisations”

Our “five major revitalisations” mission focuses on industry, talent, culture, ecology and organisation.

To provide more employment opportunities, we supported projects such as the cultivation of yanghe (wild) ginger and photovoltaic power generation. We also guided CITIC Agriculture’s Huazhi Bio project to protect the genetic superiority of red rice seeds. Due to this project, over 150 varieties of seeds have been developed for the terraced red rice industry.

Village construction was supported with an investment of RMB5.5 million in four village committees in Yuanyang and Pingbian counties to implement village revitalisation demonstration projects. These projects involved the construction of sewerage pipes, sewage treatment ponds, public toilets, roads and village history halls, as well as the installation of solar-powered streetlights for more than than 2,000 people.

Additionally, over RMB9.9 million was invested to renovate industrial roads, build safe drinking water infrastructure and provide CITIC scholarships.

An Innovative Assistance Model

The sugar cane industry is one of the leading industries in Yuanyang County, which is a major source of wealth for the people living there. Due to the recent decline in sugar prices, sugar cane farmers have suffered, and sugar cane had to be purchased from overseas sources. To support local farmers, CITIC Securities and CITIC Futures joined Pacific Property Insurance to launch a sugar insurance + future price project in Yuanyang County. The project benefited 1,457 cane farmers, allowing 645 households to be lifted out of poverty and providing strong support for the development of a sustainable sugar industry in the area.

Another project was undertaken by Longping Hi-Tech, a subsidiary of CITIC Agriculture, which assisted the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in developing the YUNSHANGZHINONG App, currently providing 8,006 online courses for over 6 million users. For better utilisation of this app by users in rural areas and by local officials, we accordingly developed CITIC Rural Reviatlisation Online Courses app and promoted these apps together with Yuangang County for local villagers to improve their farming skills by learning agrotechnology online.

CITIC Publishing invited outstanding authors and editors to schools in Yuanyang County to participate in picture book storytelling, music appreciation and art enlightenment classes. Books were also donated by CITIC so that rural children could broaden their horizons.

Public Service to the Community

In 2021 we continued to make donations in support of learning, sports, cultural and health-related activities, provide help for disadvantaged groups and build community infrastructure. During the floods in Henan, CITIC Securities, CITIC Prudential Life and CITIC Capital Securities donated more than RMB30 million to Henan Province for disaster relief.

Community Services in Hong Kong and Macau

CITIC’s volunteer teams organised activities in 2021 for the elderly living alone and low-income people. The Company also donated anti-infection supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic and held events for protecting the environment and safeguarding Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability. These initiatives were carried out not just as a demonstration of CITIC’s corporate responsibility but because we have deep roots in Hong Kong.

CITIC’s Hong Kong and Macau Staff Association organised the Care to Warm the Community event.

CITIC’s volunteers visit the elderly living alone.


CITIC Telecom International sponsored and co-organised volunteer activities with the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong to show their care for children and their families in the district.

CITIC Metals continued its partnership with ORBIS, encouraging staff to support ORBIS World Sight Day and raising funds to help bring sight and hope to those suffering from eye diseases around the world. All participating staff were given ORBIS pins.

Pins provided by ORBIS Hong Kong to CITIC Metal staff who supported the fundraising campaign.
Overseas Charity Work

Assistance to Clontarf College is one of CITIC Mining International most important social responsibility projects. CITIC Mining International in 2021 donated to the Karratha Branch of the College to organise student activities in an effort to improve the educational standards and employability of aboriginal youth in remote areas.

CITIC Resources KBM donates to charitable causes and community building programmes. In Kazakhstan, the Company bought tents for the Young Geologists competition that has enabled 11 teams from Mangghystau province to participate in geological expeditions. Our overseas staff also participated in a blood donation campaign and other charitable activities that helped build the Company’s corporate image overseas.

CITIC Resources Karazhabas Oilfield staff give blood.

CITIC Construction set up a new aluminium alloy profile factory to help improve CITIC Centenary Vocational School (Angola). Since its establishment in 2014, the vocational school has provided free training and accommodation to nearly 500 underprivileged young people in the region, and helped them find jobs. The outstanding performance of the graduates has been praised by both the Chinese and Angolan governments as well as the community.

Students at CITIC Centenary Vocational School hold up their graduation certificates

A seminar at CITIC Centenary Vocational School certificates
Serving the Community with Love

In 2021 CITIC’s volunteer team served in more than 20 cities and regions, including Beijing, Hebei, Henan and Chongqing. These teams have donated their time and energy to more than 20 cities and regions. Volunteer activities have included caring for the children of migrant workers, helping the disabled, promoting financial literacy in schools, donating credit card points to sponsor school children, planting trees to reduce pollution and supporting local cultures.

The CITIC volunteer team during a parent-child volunteer service activity 


The CITIC volunteer team visits children with special needs

The CITIC volunteer team gets together to plant trees. 

A blood donation activity organised by the CITIC volunteer team

A CITIC youth volunteer team joins a cleaning campaign

The CITIC youth volunteer team join a community support campaign

A waste separation event in Beijing CITIC youth volunteers learn about CCP history