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In the many countries and regions where we operate, we are committed to aligning our community investments with national policies. To support the development of the communities where we operate, we and our subsidiaries donated a total of around RMB (151) million.

Awards and Recognitions

  • CITIC's volunteer team received the Bronze Award for Outstanding Volunteer Team by the Chinese Enterprise Association.

  • CITIC Trust received the Outstanding Social Responsibility Award from Leading China, a financial website; Jiang Ping Law Education Charitable Trust was selected as one of the Outstanding CSR Practices in China at the China CSR Summit.

  • CITIC Pacific was named a Caring Company by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service and received the Public Welfare Excellence Award by the Hong Kong Community Chest.

  • CITIC Telecom International was awarded the Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Logo in the Enterprise category.

Our contributions towards poverty alleviation

The year 2020 was a decisive one in China’s campaign to alleviate poverty. As a state-owned enterprise, we believe it is our responsibility to play a major role in poverty alleviation. Our focus with this campaign is to ensure that everyone has sufficient food and clothing, as well as the opportunity to receive an education, basic medical care and decent housing. To date, we have invested a total of RMB129.677 million and have obtained an additional RMB11.852 million for implementing poverty-alleviation projects in four districts and counties.

Support for education

In response to the shortage of classrooms in the poverty-stricken districts and counties we have targeted, we invested a total of RMB9.91 million to build new schools, renovate school buildings and provide CITIC scholarships. Nearly 4,000 students benefitted from these donations. The CITIC Group also launched the Qianjiang Tongde Orphanage Care Project and assisted the Shaba Township Mutual Aid Senior Centre. What’s more, CITIC Publishing donated 10,000 books to 41 primary and secondary schools in Pingbian County, 1,400 books to Shaba Central School in Qianjiang District and 600 books to 22 local kindergartens in Xainza Town, Tibet.

A new sportsground built for Nansha Primary School in Yuanyang County

Support for local industry

We support the development of certain industries in the poverty-stricken areas and counties we have targeted so that people have a stable source of income. Instead of providing direct financial support to businesses, we provide the skills and knowledge needed to sustain them.

A total of RMB9.01 million was invested in Yuanyang County, Pingbian County and Qianjiang District during the year for the implementation of nine industrial poverty alleviation projects. These included funds for agricultural drones, mulberry sericulture workshops and red rice production lines. Eleven businesses and cooperatives received support, providing income for two impoverished villages and bringing 1,108 people out of poverty.

In addition, we invested a total of RMB1.7 million for the construction of a photovoltaic power station in Muliang Village, Qianjiang District, which is expected to generate 240,000 kWh of electricity per year and provide annual income of nearly RMB200,000. A total of 382 impoverished households in the village benefitted from this programme.

Support for infrastructure & healthcare

In 2020, we invested RMB15.03 million in six projects in poverty-stricken areas and counties. This investment addressed the most serious problems faced by people in these areas, such as a lack of access to drinking water and essential infrastructure.

In Yuanyang County, we invested RMB5 million during the year to construct a 26 km road in Dawuzhai, Ga Niang Township, which connected 2,408 farmers in five villages and contributed to the development of over 5,000 acres of land. A total of RMB8.6 million has been invested since the commencement of this project.

In Pingbian County Heping Village, we invested RMB5.5 million to build 9.5 km of industrial roads, benefiting 800 farmers in 13 villages. The project has allowed large-scale planting of special economic crops on more than 1,600 acres of land along the route.

In both Yuanyang and Pingbian counties, we invested a total of RMB43.35 million for construction projects in 16 impoverished villages from 2019 to 2020, benefiting 15,000 people. By building roads, sewage treatment systems and public toilets as well as installing solar street lamps and other facilities, villages that used to “trapped” in the mountains have become beautiful, liveable places with new job opportunities.

The new 26 km road in Dawuzhai, Ga Niang Township, Yuanyang County

Relocation Project of Zhongba High Mountain Ecological Zone in Qianjiang District, Chongqing

Support for local economies

During the year, we encouraged the employees of our subsidiaries, labour unions and canteens to purchase agricultural products from our designated poverty alleviation districts and counties. We also helped to increase sales of these agricultural products through e-commerce platforms and live streaming. A live broadcast of a programme to help farmers during the pandemic was also organised, which attracted just over one million viewers and achieved sales of nearly RMB1.2 million. In 2020, we purchased a total of RMB35,177,000 worth of agricultural products and helped to sell RMB2,129,000 in agricultural products from impoverished counties. Thirty-five of our subsidiaries signed procurement contracts with our targeted poverty alleviation districts and counties, thereby establishing long-term sales relationships with them for their products.

Giving back to the community

We continued to support education, sports and public health activities by donating funds to help the disadvantaged and construct community infrastructure.

Community Care Programme

Under the CITIC Pacific Community Care Programme, we encouraged employees to care for the community. Employees from domestic subsidiaries and CITIC Sino Iron employees from Australia were invited to participate in the “Run Our City” marathon event for the first time. The activity attracted employees from different departments of different business units to support the community, which has helped to strengthen staff unity and making new business connections.

In October, CITIC Pacific organised its headquarters and subsidiaries in Hong Kong to participate in a Community Chest programme that promotes the spirit of “small good deeds create great love” and provides assistance to people in need.

On World Sight Day, CITIC Metals encouraged its employees to support ORBIS Hong Kong’s efforts to share ophthalmic knowledge, technology and resources so that the 253 million people living with eye diseases around the world could have the chance to see again.

As a responsible corporate citizen, CITIC Telecom International took part in volunteer activities during the pandemic to give back to society. During Mid-Autumn Festival Caring Day, staff distributed masks, alcoholic hand rubs, and food to disadvantaged groups in Hong Kong. In Macau, our branch organised a video Home Fitness Activity, donated supplies to the Coloane Martarina Home for the Elderly, and supported the Macao Water Run.

Hong Kong Orbis Fundraising Event

Overseas community contributions

CITIC Mining International has sponsored Clontarf College every year since its establishment in 2000, with the objective of cultivating self-reliance among Aboriginal and Islander youths. The aim of the college is to increase their employment prospects by improving their education, social integration and life skills.

Clontarf College students visit CITIC Australia Mining’s office in Perth

During the year, CITIC Resources KBM in Kazakhstan donated 1,100 waste oil pipes and 700 waste pumping rods to villages and towns around the oilfield so they could build fences for a sports field and cemetery, livestock drinking ponds and agricultural irrigation pipes.

To promote local economic development, a budget of KZT70 million was allocated to support local government departments and socially disadvantaged groups. These funds were used to build public facilities, organise children’s activities, publish books, and build Chinese medicine centres. KZT14 million was also used to build venues for children’s activities.

CITIC Construction participated in local disaster relief and donations during the year by funding the development of local medical, sports and education initiatives, and providing free consultation and services to local people. In Angola, the company assisted a new city government to carry out urban maintenance and security work after completing the KK Phase I Housing Project. During the pandemic, the RED Social Housing Project responded to a request by the local government to supply domestic water for the community. The company also provided training in the urban management system that will be needed after completion of the project, including the municipal power system, water supply system and sewage treatment plants.

Volunteer activities

In 2020, CITIC volunteers provided service in more than 30 cities and regions, including Beijing, Wuhan, Chongqing, Fuzhou and Hong Kong. With the help of thousands of these caring volunteers, we were able to help fight Covid-19, to relieve poverty, to donate to education and to support green efforts.

Volunteering activities by CITIC Hong Kong and Macau Employees Association

Through the CITIC Hong Kong and Macau Employees Association, the CITIC Volunteer Team organised a series of activities such as caring for the elderly living alone and low-income people in the community. They also gave away protective medical gear during the COVID-19 pandemic and increased awareness of environmental protection. These and other continuing activities reflect CITIC’s commitment to integrate with and contribute to the Hong Kong community.

CITIC Hong Kong and Macau Employees Association deliver protective supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic


CITIC volunteers offer service to build a better urban environment

CITIC volunteers take care of trees

CITIC volunteers participate in Covid19-fighting campaign

CITIC volunteers visit GuangAi School in Beijing

CITIC volunteers donate to Huangsha primary school for 10 years in a row

CITIC volunteers care for stay-at-home children in mountainous areas in China

CITIC volunteers donate books to public libraries