Zhu Hexin
2022 was an extremely important year in the history of the Communist Party of China and our country. The successful convening of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party laid out the grand blueprint for building a modern socialist country. CITIC Limited remains fully committed to studying and implementing the guiding principles set forth by the 20th National Congress. We are dedicated to strengthening our businesses and building a solid foundation to support the new pattern of development in China. In 2022, CITIC Limited’s operating results and stock price outperformed the market significantly. Despite challenges on many fronts, the company delivered solid results as it sought to achieve high-quality growth while maintaining overall stability.

CITIC Limited
achieved a net profit attributable to ordinary shareholders of HK$75.5 billion in 2022, up 7.5% year-on-year, yet another historic high.
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Environmental, Social & Governance Report


In 2022, we introduced our company’s “14th Five-Year Plan”, covering all five major business sectors as well as talent development, business collaboration and synergy, digitalisation, technological advancements, and risk management. We’ve incorporated ESG concepts such as compliance, green and low-carbon development, anti-corruption, and shared prosperity into all of these plans. In the 14th Five-Year Plan for the New-Type Urbanisation Sector, we have clearly stated our commitment to an ecological-oriented model, which aims to promote human-centeredness, low-carbon development, as well as efficacy and efficiency in the construction of smart cities. We have integrated climate change risk management into our comprehensive risk management system, with particular emphasis on addressing climaterelated transformation risks in the 14th Five-Year Plan for Risk Management, thus actively assessing and managing relevant risks through environmental risk analysis.