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As a diversified conglomerate with both financial and industrial businesses, we follow customer-centric principles with a view to exceeding customers’ expectations. We also explore innovative ways to serve our global customers better through the products and services we offer.

Awards and Recognitions

  • CITIC Trust won the 2020 Outstanding Brand Image Award at the 2nd China Finance Summit.

  • CITIC Heavy Industries was awarded the honorary title of 2018-2019 China Aerospace Supplier for Outstanding Contribution.

  • CITIC Dicastal won the German iF Industrial Design Award for its Deformable Wheel, the first international design award secured by the company; CITIC Dicastals’ Forge and Flow-Form Magnesium Road Wheel Program also received an Award of Excellence Process Category 2020 by the International Magnesium Association (IMA).

  • CITIC Construction was awarded the AAA enterprise credit grade in national market quality for customer satisfaction benchmark by the China Association for Quality.

  • CITIC Tower (Beijing) received the Beijing Great Wall Cup Gold Award for Quality Construction (Completion) 2019-2020.

  • CITIC Press’s This is China and Bo Shining’s Lectures on General Medical Knowledge were named 2019 China Good Books.

  • CITIC COHC received the 2019 Tianjin Advanced Unit of Maritime Search and Rescue award.

Providing excellent products and service

We offer a wide range of products and services in an increasingly complex market environment. To meet customers’ expectations, we listen to their opinions and suggestions so we can make additional improvements.

Signature projects
  • In recent years, CITIC Construction has successfully completed a series of major structures that have become local signature projects and significantly enhanced CITIC’s brand reputation. In 2020, despite challenges such as limited staff numbers, communication barriers and the COVID-19 pandemic, CITIC Construction successfully completed a number of major projects. These included the two-year project quality assurance project for our wind and solar energy project in Kazakhstan. In Phuket, Thailand, the company built a premium hotel condominium that set a new standard for projects of this type. Another project, the second phase of the K.K. military barracks in Angola, was successfully handed over and commended by the local government as “a model of military barracks construction”.

The handover ceremony of the second phase of the K. K. military barracks in Angola

Quality assurance services were successfully completed for a two-year wind-solar project in Kazakhstan

The Phuket Residency Project in Thailand

A more responsive complaint mechanism

CITIC Securities has established a new complaint channel for customers, in which departments and individual staff take responsibility for handling complaints. Integrated Customer Service Center offers online transaction service, securities trading consulting and customer revisiting services. Leveraged on our strong information resources and R&D, its optimized market-leading voice service, online customer service platform and innovated its business modes and built a top online security transaction center continues to lead the industry.

Improving our customer service

CITIC-Prudential continued to provide high quality customer service in 2020, with a 99% call-in operator connection rate and a 98% inbound service satisfaction rate. The company has also developed an intelligent customer service to meet the needs of young customers. This automated technology service covers three service levels: network, return visits and counter service throughout the life cycle of its policies.

CITIC Press introduced an online intelligent service in 2020, which has greatly improved service efficiency and customer satisfaction. The DSR service index of the T-MALL e-commerce stores served by the customer service team is now 30% higher than that of the same industry.

Our focus on innovation

We are guided by science and technology innovation and continue to increase our investment in these areas. This has enabled us to build a strong competitive advantage for our future development and create greater value for society.

On 19 July 2020, CITIC Heavy Industries successfully launched its world-leading T3.20 cantilever roadheader, a new generation of cantilever hard rock excavators designed and developed specifically for hard rock conditions in tunnelling projects. It is thought that the T3.20 will significantly contribute to the development of the domestic tunnelling equipment market.

China’s first T3.20 cantilever roadheader

CITIC Dicastal has maintained its leadership in the research and development of wheel technology, with the introduction of a noise-reducing wheel for new energy vehicles. For this innovation, the Company received a green industrial design award by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

CITIC Titanium, a subsidiary of CITIC Metal, partnered with the National Engineering Research Center for New Polymer Forming Equipment of the South China University of Technology to set up an R&D centre for applied technology. At CITIC Phoenix Harbor, the company took part in the development of an industrial internet project that was commended by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

CITIC Engineering continued to promote BIM projects during the year using its own intellectual property, and one of its major projects passed the mid-term inspection by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Recognition for CITIC Pacific Special Steel’s advanced technology

As the market leader and dominant player in China’s special steel market, CITIC Pacific Special Steel has long been a leader special steel technology. In line with its commitment to advanced technology, the company launches 10% of the new products it develops and eliminates 10% of its low value-added products every year.

On 23 June 2020, the Long March 3B launch vehicle successfully put the Beidou-3 satellite into orbit. For this historic mission, Daye Special Steel (a subsidiary of CITIC Pacific Special Steel) completed all the launch tasks of the Beidou Navigation Project. For this BeiDou satellite, the launch vehicle required extremely high quality special-purpose metal compounds. Daye’s researchers also had to improve the adaptability and reliability of the vehicle. With the completion of the Beidou Navigation Satellite, China’s Beidou-3 has now been fully deployed, confirming Daye Special Steel’s ability to undertake major national research projects.

The production tine of CITIC Pracific Special steel’s 2000 MPa grade cable wire coils

On 1 July 2020, the Shanghai-Suzhou-Mamtong Yangtze River Public-Rail Bridge — China’s first dual- purpose bridge with a main span of over 1,000 metres — officially opened. As larger spans require higher strength cables, the engineers specified that all the steel used in the cable would be from CITIC Pacific Special Steel’s 2000 MPa grade cable wire coils. This was the first time in the world that cable wire coils of this grade were used in such a large bridge.

For the future, CITIC Special Steel will continue to focus on original R&D to improve its steel products and strengthen China’s position as a leading manufacturing economy.

Safeguarding the legal rights of our customers

We are not only committed to providing quality products and services but also operating in a fully transparent manner so that our customers can make informed purchasing decisions.

Protecting customer information

In 2020 CITIC Securities completed an audit of the annual ISO27001 information security management system.

A number of key tasks were also carried out with respect to the company’s handling of sensitive information. These included launching a data desensitisation platform for environments that make use of production data. The platform not only ensures data security but also improves the efficiency of data desensitisation.

In addition, CITIC Securities established a new terminal safety management mechanism with extra protection and a sensitive information flow monitoring tool that operates in real time.

Safeguarding customers’ right to information

As a responsible seller, CITIC Securities complies fully with the Code of Conduct on Appropriateness when selling products or providing services to investors. In 2020, CITIC Securities released its risk rating standards for its products and services in accordance with the “Guidelines for the Implementation of Appropriateness Management for Securities Operators (for Trial Implementation)”, in order to disclose risks and protect the rights and interests of investors. In 2021, CITIC Securities will continue to conduct self-inspections of its branches and organise on-site training for branch compliance officers in areas such as management requirements for new businesses and strengthen the professionalism of practitioners.

Promoting industry knowledge

In 2020, CITIC Securities’ investor education branch — Jingxin Academy — held more than 7,600 visits, organised 18 community activities and produced 653 original investor education materials. The Academy received an Excellent assessment by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, while the investor education activities carried out by the branches of CITIC Securities won 20 provincial awards and earned a Best Organization Award for Investor Education and Protection Theme Activities in 2019 by the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Other recognitions included an Excellent Organization Award by the Shanghai Stock Exchange and a first prize during an investor education product competition by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Trust Culture China Tour

The Trust Culture China Tour organised by CITIC Trust was the industry’s first large-scale thematic programme promoting trust culture when it began ten years ago. Through this programme, which has reinforced the company’s reputation as a leader in investor education, members of the public have a channel for learning about trusts and the trust industry.

To kick off the annual Trust Culture China Tour in 2020, CITIC Trust held an event in Guangzhou on 7 January 2020. At this event Dr Zhou Ping, General Manager of CITIC Trust Financial Laboratory and a member of the China Reform and Development Foundation, made a presentation on the trust industry with analyses of professional theories, industry observations and an outlook of the current economic situation. CITIC Trust’s in-house experts also reviewed the company’s history, development and focus on responsibility over the past decade. In addition, they provided a trust investment kit to help clients understand industry trends and choose investment products that match their risk preferences.

Around 28 of these events were held throughout the year, for a total of 4,856 participants. In the years ahead, CITIC Trust will continue to strengthen its trust culture while providing investor education activities for the benefit of the company, the industry and clients.