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Providing a platform for employees to excel their talents has always been one of the corporate missions at CITIC. We not only care about what our employees should do, but also what we can do for them. We have a multi-pronged approach that helps employees and the Company grow together.

A diversified staff mix

As of the end of 2020, CITIC Limited had a total of 135,304 full-time employees, of which 36.64% were women and 52.56% were employees under the age of 35.

Staff incentives

Remuneration Policy

CITIC and its subsidiaries have established a competitive remuneration management system, which is guided by the remuneration policies of relevant local governments and based on business results. This market-oriented mechanism places equal emphasis on market competitiveness and fairness, with salaries correlated with performance to reward top talent. Staff morale and cohesion is thus enhanced as is the sustainable development of the Company. We will continue to enhance our incentive and management approach, provide medium- to long-term incentive plans, and investigate the feasibility of introducing an employee stock ownership plan as well as a “sharing interest but taking collective responsibility” incentive programme between CITIC and our employees.

Staff Benefits

In 2020 we continued to improve our staff benefits schemes, including insurance and our policies on working hours and rest periods. As required by the Hong Kong SAR Government, we made contributions to the Mandatory Provident Fund for all staff based in Hong Kong and provided social insurance for our mainland staff according to the requirements of local governments. Most of our mainland subsidiaries offered a corporate annuity (supplemental pension insurance) scheme and supplemental medical insurance for the more than 138,000 staff they employ (including retirees).

Staff development through training

CITIC’s talent development strategy

During the year, we reviewed our 13th Five-Year talent development plan and strengthened our talent development programmes for our key professionals and technical teams. We also supported our technology-focused subsidiaries in their efforts to improve innovation and their incentive schemes for scientific and technological talent.

Upgrade of professional qualifications

During the year, we reviewed accredited professional titles for our staff, with 55 employees receiving senior professional titles and 84 employees receiving deputy senior professional titles. In addition, 36 senior and middle-level professional titles for 351 employees were evaluated by external parties.

Support for professional staff

In 2020, we recommended that two staff members receive special government allowances. Three members of the Doctoral Service Team completed their workplace attachment, and two new members of the Doctoral Service Team were recommended for work in remote areas.

Training during COVID-19

During the pandemic, we promoted online learning and offered 27 courses through live webcasts. More than 100,000 course sessions were recorded over the year for an average of 90 learning hours per employee.

Young employees received training through a mix of offline and online training modes. They also participated in a new model training course at the CITIC Building, where some of our senior executives attended the opening ceremony.

CITIC Management School’s The Story Behind Huoshenshan public lecture

Care for our staff

Care for all staff

We fully comply with all relevant laws, regulations and policies related to the signing, altering, cancelling and termination of labour contracts. To build harmonious and stable relationships with our employees, we ensure our recruitment and career development practices are fair and reasonable. Career opportunities are based on individual merit and qualifications, without regard to race, gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality or physical disability. Child or forced labour is strictly prohibited.

Care for younger staff

For younger staff who may face challenges finding housing, we have built apartment blocks in Beijing and other cities. More than 600 young staff reside in these apartments in Beijing.

Care for retired staff

In 2020, we distributed more than 20,000 masks, over 5,000 pairs of protective gloves, and about 2,000 boxes of medicine to our retirees, who are more likely to be severely affected by the novel coronavirus. We also continued to arrange annual medical check-ups for retirees and kept their health records up-to-date for their reference. Our retirees are also entitled to an ex gratia medical payment the first time they contract a major illness. About RMB1.92 million was provided in pension subsidies, medical expenses and holiday expenses for retirees during the year.

Enhancing safety for our staff

We fully comply with all laws and regulations related to occupational health and continuously improve our safety management system, while ensuring safety measures are implemented throughout the company. All staff members are required to take ownership of occupational health and safety in their own areas.

At CITIC Sino Iron, the security department sends monthly safety management reports to business segments identifying areas for improvement and look for hidden hazards so they can be eliminated in advance. Australia has also developed a mental health programme in partnership with BSS, a consulting agency, to help employees deal with stress, depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies.

CITIC Pacific Special Steel during the year continued to enforce its safety requirements and held safety activities such as the Hundred of Safety Days in Summer programme. It also conducted safety risk identification exercises to ensure risks are kept under control and began providing a science-based diagnostic method for occupational diseases. Additionally, the company set up an occupational health records system for employees during the year.

In 2020, CITIC Resources Karazhanbas Oilfield signed a medical service contract with the Sofie Med Group in order to provide staff with more up-to-date medical care.

Case Studies
CITIC Heye Investment: Healthier buildings for healthy staff

To provide a healthy, environmentally friendly work environment for staff, CITIC Tower (Beijing) is designed according to the WELL certification standard developed by the U.S. Green Building Council and the International WELL Building Institute™.

Improve air and water quality
In 2020, the company upgraded the existing air conditioning system and installed high efficiency filters to remove formaldehyde, reduce PM2.5, PM10, decompose TVOC and other harmful gases, and ensure safe and top-class work environment.

Care for staff
We provide lighting that meets international standards, as well as ergonomic tables and chairs, and a well-equipped fitness space for a healthy lifestyle.

Other facilities include employee lounges, women-only rooms, breastfeeding rooms and medical treatment facilities staffed by resident doctors.

The fitness room at the CITIC Tower

The Mother Hut at the CITIC Tower