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  • Zhang Youjun

    Assistant president and a member of the strategy and investment management committee of the Company. Mr Zhang serves as an executive director, chairman and deputy secretary to the Communist Party Committee of CITIC Securities Company Limited (listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange). Mr Zhang acted as director-general of the office of the board of directors of CITIC Limited in December 2011. He formerly served as deputy manager of Ping An Insurance Company of China, deputy manager of CITIC Industrial Bank Shenzhen Branch, president of CITIC Securities Shenzhen Branch, assistant manager and vice president of CITIC Securities, president of Changsheng Fund Management Co., president and member of the party committee of CITIC Securities Company Limited, and president, secretary of the party committee, and chairman of China Securities Co., Ltd. He has a Master's degree in international finance from the Central Institute of Finance and Banking (now known as Central University of Finance and Economics).

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