Our Business

Advanced Intelligent Manufacturing

We strive to become the pioneer in the advanced intelligent manufacturing sector, aiming to achieve operational breakthroughs in critical technologies and reinforce our leading market position.

Lightweight automotive components

CITIC Dicastal is the world’s largest producer of aluminium automotive wheels. Its products include wheels and lightweight cast components for powertrains, chassis and body systems for the automotive industry. Total annual production capacity is 69 million wheels and 110,000 tonnes of castings.

CITIC Dicastal has 26 major manufacturing facilities across China, the United States, Europe and Africa.

Intelligent Heavy Equipment and Specialised Robotics

CITIC Heavy Industries is one of the world’s leading suppliers and service providers of heavy mining and cement equipment, and one of China’s largest heavy machinery manufacturers.

The company’s major business includes research and development and offering advanced industrial equipment products, services and solutions to customers. Products include heavy machinery, key fundamental and spare components, EPC, specialised robotics and intelligent equipment.

CITIC Heavy Industries’ main production facilities are located in Luoyang, Henan; Tangshan, Hebei; Zhangzhou, Fujian; Lianyungang, Jiangsu; Beijing and Vigo, Spain.

Industrial Internet Platform

Centred on digitalisation, CITIC Holdings develops and invests in smart manufacturing, industrial internet, and Lighthouses, which are recognised as the most advanced production facilities in the world, integrating digital technology with key pragmatic applications.

In the field of industrial internet, CITIC Holdings, together with CITIC Dicastal, China Resources Cement, and Foxconn Industrial, co-founded Shenzhen CRF Digital Technology to enhance vertical value chains with an internet-based intelligent industrial ecosystem. In terms of investment, CITIC New Future (Beijing) Investment Management, a private equity arm under CITIC Holdings, is mandated to nurture emerging businesses by financing innovative tech sectors.

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