Investor Relations

IR Policy

CITIC Limited's Investor Relations' main objective is to proactively communicate with the market in order to enhance the Group's visibility and attractiveness in the international financial community, as well as enabling the capital market to make a true and fair assessment of the company's valuation of its outstanding shares and bonds.

CITIC Limited believes in the equal treatment of all of its shareholders and the company's top management and dedicated IR team are committed to this.


CITIC Limited strives to provide accurate, complete, transparent and clear information to the market quickly

The company's IR team aims to be as open as possible and respond willingly, in good faith to questions from investors, analysts or other stakeholders

Material information shall be announced in such a way that it is available to all stakeholders simultaneously

The company promises to provide a consistent level of disclosure on both positive and negative issues


CITIC Limited publishes information on its website in order to make it available to all stakeholders at the same time. Under the Investor Relations website the company posts both current information and archives of previously released information including presentation slides and announcements. The site is available in both English and Chinese, and new information is published simultaneously in the two languages.

CITIC Limited issues regular announcements, Annual Reports and Interim Reports to ensure that all stakeholders are fully informed of the latest strategic and operational developments. Company announcements are always issued through the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in accordance with the Hong Kong listing rules.

Upon the release of financial results CITIC Limited holds investor and analyst presentations and webcasts the meetings along with accompanying presentations so they can be followed online at the same time as the meeting.

It is CITIC Limited's policy to meet with investors and analysts on a regular basis and participates in investor road shows and sector conferences. At such meetings inside information is never discussed.

The Annual General Meeting is one of the most important meetings in CITIC Limited's calendar, where the Group's shareholders can make statements, ask questions of the executive management, and exercise their influence by voting on the issues on the agenda. Details of the meeting and the outcome of the vote are posted on the company's website.


CITIC Limited does not comment on rumours. If rumours have a strong impact on the company's share price, the company will refer to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange for direction and will make an announcement as appropriate.

In principle CITIC Limited does not speculate about future developments or provide forecasts regarding earnings and revenue targets. In the event company inadvertently makes forecasts or forward looking statements CITIC Limited will comply with the listing rules.


In order to ensure fairness in disclosing important information, such as financial results, CITIC Limited observes a “blackout period” of two months prior to the announcement of the annual results and one month prior to the interim results. During this period CITIC Limited does not comment on industry outlook, the company's business performance and financial results.

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