Investor Relations

Investor Relations

CITIC Limited aims to generate sustainable shareholder value over the long term, and we recognise that effective management of stakeholder relationships, including those with investors, is key to realising that value. We believe that company objectives and shareholder objectives should be aligned for long-term value creation, and we hope that our shareholders agree with our conviction that sustainable long term growth is more important than short term gains.

CITIC Limited acknowledges its responsibility to engage with shareholders and respond respectfully to their questions. We aspire to transparent and open communications and are committed to timely disclosure of relevant and material information. We meet with investors regularly to update them on our business progress and strategy. In addition, we attempt to respond promptly to questions received from the media and individual shareholders. We endeavour to share both financial and non-financial information that is relevant and material, and we attempt to clearly communicate our business strategy through biannual and other timely communications. In all cases, great care is taken to ensure that price sensitive information is not disclosed selectively. When announcements are made through the Stock Exchange, the same information will be made available on CITIC Limited's website.

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