Our Business

Resources & Energy

Our resources business covers exploration, mining, processing, trading and electricity generation. We have been actively engaged in overseas acquisitions and exploration of mineral and oil resources, with various interests in development projects in countries and regions which have rich resource reserves, including Australia, Brazil, Gabon, Indonesia and Kazakhstan. We operate our resources and energy business through CITIC ResourcesCITIC Mining International, CITIC Metal, and Sunburst Energy.

Crude Oil and Coal, Aluminium

We own over 59% of CITIC Resources, which principally engages in the exploration, mining and production of crude oil and coal, the import and export business, bauxite mining, aluminium smelting, and investments in electrolytic aluminium and manganese. CITIC Resources is listed in Hong Kong (SEHK: 1205).

Magnetite Iron Ore

The Sino Iron Project, which is a major magnetite iron ore mine, is being developed by CITIC Mining International, an Australian subsidiary of CITIC Limited. The iron ore mine is located at Cape Preston, southwest of Karratha in Western Australia. Sino Iron is the largest magnetite mining and processing project in Australia and has a mine life of over 25 years. The iron ore concentrate produced is of high quality and is an ideal feed to our special steel plants as well as other steel producers in China.

Mineral and Platinum

CITIC Metal engages in mineral exploration and marketing, as well as the import and export of platinum. It owns 40% of China Platinum, China's largest platinum importer, which has a more than 48% market share in China.


CITIC Dameng, a listed company in Hong Kong (SEHK: 1091) since 2010, is 49.26% indirectly owned by CITIC Limited. It is one of the world's largest vertically integrated manganese producers. Its main downstream products include electrolytic manganese metal, manganese sulfate, electrolytic manganese dioxide, silicomanganese alloy and high carbon ferrochromium. CITIC Dameng owns the largest manganese mine in China and has interests in several other mines in China and in Gabon, West Africa.


CITIC Metal has an indirect holding in Companhia Brasileira de Metalurgia e Mineração (CBMM) which produces more than 80% of global ferroniobium. Through their partnership, CITIC Metal holds exclusive distribution rights on this resource in China. 


We have interests in a number of power plants with total attributable generating capacity of 3,110MW. Ligang power plant is one of the largest coal fired power plants in China. We also have a 30% interest in Xinjulong coal mine in Shandong Province in China.

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