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Support for Local Communities

CITIC Limited believes that contributing to the prosperity of the communities in which it operates will also benefit its businesses. Consequently, we focus on national policies and social issues, work with the community, and develop assistance programmes in response to local needs. Employees are also encouraged to volunteer their time and services.


Donations to local communities (million)

Focus on National Policies and People’s Livelihood

During the year, we continued to promote mutual exchanges between Hong Kong and Mainland China. We also carried out public welfare campaigns in Hong Kong and Macau and invested in local education, culture, sports and community infrastructure, and helped the underprivileged through our volunteer services.

Public Welfare Activities

In addition to supporting general welfare activities, CITIC Limited also provides its technical expertise for public projects.

Volunteer Services

In 2017, the Volunteers’ Association of CITIC, comprising 30 teams of volunteers, participated in more than 60 volunteer activities. They provided care for migrant workers’ children and aid for the disabled and educational donations in more than 20 cities and regions, including Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Luoyang. Approximately 10,000 volunteers took part in these activities.