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Overview – the Company in 2017

CITIC Limited continued to fulfil its mission of providing high quality service to customers, building a platform for employees to showcase their abilities, maximising shareholder value and contributing to the country. The Company measures itself against the highest international standards of sustainable development and amplifies what sustainable development means to the Company through its environmental and social governance. In 2017, we remained committed to our employees, protection of the environment, our clients, the industry and the community.

Improving ESG Report Compiling

To meet the regulatory requirements of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the “Stock Exchange”) for listed companies to disclose key environmental performance data in their ESG reports, in July 2017 the Executive Office of CITIC Limited organised an ESG preparation training course for more than 60 ESG staff from the Company’s functional departments and subsidiaries. Those who attended the training said the course deepened their understanding of ESG reporting and that it improved their ability to prepare the Company’s ESG report.

Professional consultants advise CITIC staff during the ESG Report Training Class