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Other External Risks and Uncertainties

Impact of local, national and international laws and regulations

CITIC Limited faces local business risks in different countries and regions. Such risks might have a significant impact on the financial condition, operations and business prospects of CITIC Limited in the relevant markets. The investments of CITIC Limited in countries and regions across the world might at present or in future be affected by changes in local, national or international political, social, legal, tax, regulatory and environmental requirements from time to time. In addition, new government policies or measures, if introducing changes in fiscal, tax, regulatory, environmental or other aspects that may affect competitiveness, could result in an additional or unforeseen increase in operating expenses and capital expenditures, produce risks to the overall return on investment of CITIC Limited, and delay or impede its business operations and hence adversely affect revenue and profit.

Impact of new accounting standards

The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (“HKICPA”) issues new and revised Hong Kong Financial Reporting Standards (“HKFRSs”) from time to time. As the accounting standards continue to evolve, HKICPA might further issue new and revised HKFRSs in the future. The new accounting policies, if required to be adopted by CITIC Limited, could have a significant impact on its financial condition and operations.

Natural disasters or events, terrorism and diseases

The business of CITIC Limited could be affected by events such as earthquakes, typhoons, tropical cyclones, inclement weather, acts or threats of terrorism, or outbreaks of highly contagious diseases, which would directly or indirectly reduce the supply of essential goods or services or reduce economic activities on a local, regional or global scale. Any of these disasters might damage the businesses of CITIC Limited, which would have a material adverse impact on the financial condition and operations of CITIC Limited.