Engineering Contracting

Our engineering contracting business provides services for infrastructure, housing, industrial construction, and municipal engineering projects.

Major subsidiaries:

  • CITIC Construction is a provider of integrated engineering construction services. Its main business covers general engineering contracting in infrastructure, civil construction and industrial projects. In addition, the company is involved in importing and exporting mechanical and electrical equipment as well as exploring opportunities in energy resources engineering, agricultural engineering and other related fields.
  • CITIC Engineering Design is an EPC (engineering, procurement and construction)service provider with a strong engineering capability. This business focuses on building construction, municipal infrastructure and environmental protection.

In 2017, revenue from the engineering contracting business was HK$14.7 billion, representing a year-on-year increase of 33%. Net profit attributable to ordinary shareholders was HK$1.7 billion, 3% more than last year. This strong performance can be attributed to CITIC Construction’s new overseas projects and the three China EPC projects undertaken by CITIC Engineering Design.