Partners in Industry

CITIC Limited helps to promote related industries by cooperating with its counterparts in government and the private sector. Its goals are to support fair competition, while contributing to the development of technology and a high quality supply chain. It is also committed to fight against corruption and encourage a transparent, healthy and competitive industrial environment.

Working with Our Partners

We work with our partners in industry and government for our mutual benefit. We are also mindful of our responsibilities to develop the local economy and communities in which we operate. In addition, we have established a platform for fully integrating both internal and external systems, as well as our upstream and downstream resources to give our partners more development opportunities.

Cooperation with government and other companies

In 2017, the senior management of CITIC Limited continued to work closely with its corporate and government partners:

Developing local economies

We have aligned our business with China’s national strategies, including The Belt and Road, Made in China 2025, and the Coordinated Development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region and Yangtze River Economic Zone. We have also established a series of cooperation platforms to support the development of regional economies and industry through the integration of internal and external resources.

Seminars on The Belt and Road and Go Global

  • During the year, we organised seminars on the Belt and Road and Go Global strategies and established close relationships with domestic and overseas government authorities, large corporate groups, bilateral and multilateral financial institutions, international organisations and relevant domestic financial institutions to promote the implementation of key projects.

Made in China 2025 initiative

  • We worked with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to explore new development models, such as supporting the Made in China 2025 initiative.

Support for regional economic development

  • After entering into strategic cooperation development agreements with Beijing and Hebei province, we continued to promote the establishment of a senior level strategic cooperation platform with Tianjin for cooperation in fields such as traffic systems integration, environmental protection and industrial transfer;
  • Focusing on municipal groups in the Yangtze River Economic Zone, we cooperated with Jinshan District in Shanghai, Wuhan Changjiang New Town and Jiangsu Nantong Economic Development Zone to help integrate local development projects.

Developing a Healthy Supply Chain

We continued to work with our supply chain to establish a shared value system. In the industry organisations we have joined, we share our management methods and techniques while promoting the development of the industry. We also contribute to the fight against piracy and infringement of intellectual property rights and encourage innovation.

Working with our supply chain

CITIC Securities

  • With a strong commitment to green procurement, CITIC Securities requires its suppliers and contractors at the tender stage to provide certification documents in respect of ISO9000, ISO14000 and other quality certifications. By assessing and verifying suppliers and contractors, CITIC Securities has reduced potential environmental and social management risks.
  • The Company has also developed supplier management requirements for its Information Technology Center, outlining procedures for supplier management, contract management, as well as daily and annual appraisals.

CITIC Construction

  • For managing its supply chain, CITIC Construction has in place requirements for supplier assessments, in-factory supervision, quality checks, environmental protection and ethical practices.

Support for industry development


  • CITIC Trust launched its Trust Culture in China campaign and Trust Impetus in Beautiful China campaign, led trust theoretical research, promote the implementation of laws and regulations on charitable trust and completed the relevant theories.
  • In addition, CITIC Trust participated in research studies organised by the China Banking Regulatory Commission and the China Trustee Association, including those related to amendments of trust law and the trust registration system.

CITIC Resources

  • At the Yuedong oilfield, where pumping units had to be frequently disassembled due to the narrow working space, a new type of workover rig with self-balanced derrick was developed to improve workover efficiency, reduce operation risk and meet crude oil production targets. This invention obtained a national patent and was awarded the Science and Technology Advancement Award of Liaohe Oilfield (Grade I).

CITIC Engineering Design

  • During the year, CITIC Engineering Design issued its Design Guidelines for Urban Integrated Utility Tunnels, the Design Guidelines for Sponge City Construction and the Design Guidelines for Soil Remediation. These guidelines cover integrated utility tunnels, sponge city construction, soil remediation and industrialised construction, thereby contributing to the transformation, upgrade and development of the survey and design industry.

Intellectual property protection

Protecting Rights and Interests

  • CITIC Securities has relevant management measures and clearly specified rights and responsibilities for its trademark rights and copyrights. To date, CITIC Securities has obtained 21 computer software copyright registration certificates for its automated trading platform, market risk computing system, big data bond system, and cloud service, among others.
  • Protection of intellectual property is an important basis and key part of the Company’s technological advancement and innovative development. CITIC Heavy Industries has established an intellectual property system, technical standards and quality management. As of the end of 2017, it had 541 valid patents, of which 191 are patents protecting its own inventions.

Copyright Protection

  • For both its domestic and overseas publications, CITIC Press maintains copyrights in compliance with the Copyright Law and the relevant national provisions for the publishing industry. It also draws up book publishing contracts with each copyright owner or copyright agent on equal terms.
  • In 2017, CITIC Press joined the Anti-piracy Alliance of Beijing 15 Publishing House and cooperated with law-enforcement agencies to identify pirated books. It also obtained a computer software copyright registration certificate for the CITIC Academy App and maintained existing entitlement documents.


As anti-corruption is a top priority in our internal risk control, we require that employees maintain good faith and honesty in their work. We constantly enhance our internal staff supervision system and protect the Company’s image of integrity. According to the requirements of the Hong Kong Listing Rules, we review the implementation of the Code of Conduct of Employees at CITIC Limited and its subsidiaries on a semi-annual basis.

Building an Early Warning System

  • CITIC Limited deals with complaints in strict accordance with the Reporting and Handling Regulations and will investigate any breaches in keeping with its approach to accountability.
  • To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees, the Company follows the principles of justness, openness and fairness.

Monitoring Subsidiaries and Overseas Operations

  • CITIC Limited monitors the performance and behaviour of its subsidiaries’ management personnel and works with staff through debriefings, seminars and individual interviews.
  • It also closely monitors overseas projects to protect and secure the Company’s assets.

Training in Anti-Corruption

  • CITIC Limited trains its employees in the relevant laws and regulations on anti-corruption.
  • The first training session in anti-corruption was held for functional departments and supervisors in Hong Kong, covering the local business environment and regulatory policies. In addition, the Company reached staff through on-site teaching sessions and internal communication.