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Operational Risk

The financial services segment of the Group covers various sectors, including banking, securities, trust, insurance and asset management. As information technology is widely applied in the modern financial services industry, the reliability of computer systems, computer networks and information management software is essential to both traditional financial and innovative businesses. Unreliable information technology systems or underdeveloped network technologies may result in inefficient trading systems, business interruption, or loss of important information, thus affecting the reputation and service quality of financial institutions and even incurring economic losses and legal disputes.

CITIC Limited carries out resources and energy, manufacturing, engineering contracting, real estate, and other businesses in countries and regions across the world, and these businesses might continue to encounter a diversity of operational difficulties. Certain difficulties, if beyond the control of CITIC Limited, might result in production delays or increases in production costs. These operational risks include delay of government payments, deterioration of tax policies, labour disputes, unforeseen technical failures, various disasters and emergencies, unexpected changes in mineral, geological or mining conditions, pollution and other environmental damage, as well as potential disputes with foreign partners, customers, subcontractors, suppliers or local residents or communities. Such risks would cause damage or loss to the relevant businesses of CITIC Limited, which in turn could adversely affect its operations, financial condition and profitability.