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Environmental Responsibility

For CITIC, protecting the environment is considered to be not only part of our social responsibility commitment but a critical factor in our sustainable growth. Our subsidiaries are also required to maintain green operations and offices that improve our living environment and contribute to a Beautiful China.

Environmental Performance

Performance of CITIC Envirotech in 2017

Green Management

We comply with all environmental laws and regulations in the countries and regions where we operate. We have also improved our environmental management system and established a long-term mechanism for green development as a foundation for the continuous improvement of our environmental management. Projects undertaken by the Company during the year included afforestation and publicity on our environmental protection initiatives as well as other activities to encourage green practices among our employees.

CITIC Mining International: Green Programme

  • CITIC Mining International continued to improve its SinoSAFE ENVIRONMENT programme during the year. Under this programme, tests and inspections were carried out on the condition of local plant life and quality of surface water and seawater in the onshore and offshore habitats surrounding its projects, with each department taking responsibility for managing its waste. In 2017, CITIC Mining International submitted more than 20 annual environmental compliance reports to the relevant Australian government regulators for the Sino Iron project. An environment regulator for the project noted, “In general, a good standard of environmental management has been maintained on site for a project of this scale and complexity.”

CITIC Heavy Industries: Green Measures

  • In 2017, CITIC Heavy Industries introduced its Comprehensive Conservation Plan Assessment Methods 2017, which sets out detailed assessment indicators for key energy consuming production departments. It also introduced more than 100 energy consumption quotas and new rules and regulations governing energy conservation, particularly with regard to energy waste. A total of 96 energy-saving inspections were conducted throughout the year and 100 cases of energy wastage (including release, spill, drippling and leakage) were identified with solutions for curbing the waste.
  • During the year, the Company also updated and upscaled its existing energy distribution capacity utilising Internet + technologies, including an energy management system. Plans were also put in place for gas demand-side and power demand-side management platforms at the branch factory, workshop, working group and main equipment level.

CITIC Construction: Green Construction

  • In 2017, CITIC Construction incorporated green construction in its new projects. In accordance with its new Project Management Handbook, all business and project departments now have green construction schemes that make use of BIM technology to minimise energy and resource consumption, and reduce the impact of construction on the environment.

Improving the Environment, Preserving the Local Ecology

Tree planting by staff from the head office of CITIC Limited, CITIC Trust, CITIC Metal Group and other subsidiaries

On 2017 World Environment Day, subsidiaries and the water treatment plants of CITIC Envirotech together with local environment regulators launched a series of science outreach activities targeting young people

Green Operation

At CITIC, sustainability is an important part of our entire production process and business management. In addition to supporting national policies for industrial transformation and upgrading, we have also been implementing strict pollution control measures, including discharged waste, and made our energy and water utilisation rates more efficient to achieve a low-carbon operation across the Group.

Development of green finance

Green credit

In 2017, CITIC Bank put green credit policies in place clarifying priority areas for extending green credit and the corresponding requirements. CITIC Bank also began incorporating a green appraisal system in all of its branches and implemented a green credit audit system. By the end of the year, the loan balances granted by CITIC Bank under green credit projects amounted to RMB60,358 million, up by 52.15%.

Control of credit risks in certain sectors and industries

For sectors and industries characterised by high pollution, high energy consumption and excess capacity, CITIC Bank adopted a management system and measures that rank customers by category. Companies with technical advantages, high efficiency, and good market prospects will continue to receive support, while others will have their loans gradually reduced and recovered. In cases where loans cannot be exited from in a short time period but otherwise have a good credit standing, these will eventually be dropped when it is appropriate for the Bank to do so. By the end of the year, loan balances of CITIC Bank customers in sectors and industries with high pollution, high energy consumption and excess capacity increased by 4.49% to RMB45,710 million, with their proportion to total corporate loans decreasing by 0.05 percentage points compared with that of the previous year.

Promotion of E-banking transactions

Banking by Internet and through mobile channels achieved rapid growth in 2017. By the end of the year, the Bank’s total number of personal mobile banking customers reached 27,326,300, up by 39.53%, while the number of personal mobile banking transactions reached RMB4,232,368 million, up by 55.52%. The personal online banking business grew steadily, with existing subscribers reaching 27,509,500, up by 19.18%. The transaction substitution rate of e-banking transactions reached 98.96%, up by 1.13%.

Green trust

In cooperation with local governments, CITIC Trust continued to support environmental projects related to power generation through household waste incineration, wetland development and integrated water environment treatment in Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province, Weifang City, Shandong Province and Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. CITIC Trust also cooperated with the People’s Government of Rugao City, Jiangsu Province to establish a RMB3 billion trust project, the CITIC Minhui 52 Trust Fund Scheme for the Development of Energy Saving and New Energy Automobile Industry, to support green car manufacturing./p>

Reduction of emissions

During the year, we gave top priority to reducing emissions, including waste gas, waste water and solid waste, through technology in line with the principles of “clean development, clean production and clean operation”.

Control of gas pollutants

Sewage and waste disposal

Saving resources and energy

Companies in the resources and energy and manufacturing sectors today are continuously improving the efficiency of their resources utilisation, reducing waste and saving energy by upgrading production equipment, eliminating obsolete production capacity and developing innovative production technology.

Promoting green development

We align our environmental protection efforts with the goal of "Building a Beautiful China" and work together with our member companies to offer comprehensive service solutions, including consulting and advice, design management, joint investment and project contracting. We also participate in the construction and operation of social projects and services related to environmental protection, such as sewage disposal, garbage power generation and energy-saving conversion.

Enhancing Green Awareness in Offices

In our offices, we have reduced energy wastage and pollutant emissions through measures such as upgrading electrically-powered equipment and optimising the use of official vehicles. In addition, some of our companies support a number of environmental NGOs, such as CITIC Telecom which has been a corporate member of WWFHong Kong for two consecutive years.

Reducing Printing Consumables at CITIC Limited

  • In 2017, the headquarters building of CITIC Limited outsourced its printing requirements, including printing, copying and scanning, which has reduced time, labour and material costs. It is estimated that the Company will save 15-20% of its annual printing expenses and reduce emissions from toner particles and ozone generated during the printing process, thus improving the office environment for employees.

Green Transportation at CITIC Securities

  • CITIC Securities established new rules governing the management and use of company vehicles. Statistics on monthly oil consumption by vehicles have been compiled and quarterly reports analysing oil consumption trends prepared.