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Building Confidence in Our Brand

The business of CITIC Limited covers a wide range of industry sectors, including financial services, resources and energy, manufacturing, engineering contracting, real estate and infrastructure. In recent years, we have also acquired new businesses such as McDonald’s and Baixin Bank. With all of these businesses, we are committed to providing a high standard of service and safe, high quality products. We also attach great importance to the customer experience and use their feedback to constantly improve our customer management system in order to enhance customer satisfaction and confidence in our brands.


Quality Products and Services

In accordance with our customer-centric philosophy, we are committed to providing the highest levels of quality control to ensure the safety and reliability of our products. We are also committed to developing innovative service models and constantly improving our service to customers.

Quality control

In our production processes and operations, we comply with national laws and regulations and industry quality standards so that we can continuously improve our corporate quality management system and strengthen process controls. This enables us to minimise quality risks and deliver high-quality products to customers.

Quality Management at CITIC Heavy Industries

  • In 2017, CITIC Heavy Industries established an efficient IT-based information and quality management platform. This platform provides information in response to online queries and for OA reviews, deviation reports and online management. An interconnectivity campaign led by the quality assurance department is also conducted on a quarterly basis, using big data for preparing non-conformance reports (NCR), screening quality problems at each production unit, and identifying problem points, all of which have been effective tools for improving the Company's quality management.

Quality Improvement at CITIC Dicastal

  • Should a product quality complaint be received from a customer, the Company will convene a meeting promptly to discover the cause of the problem and combine 8D, 5P, 5W2H and other customer analysis methods to provide a timely resolution.
  • Additionally, CITIC Dicastal has assembled a quality control (QC) team and QC group to solve technical difficulties and improve product quality.

Our customer philosophy

We regard the needs and satisfaction of customers as our first priority. This belief motivates us to improve the level of service we offer and provide customers with comprehensive, high value-added services.

Standardising Service at CITIC Securities

  • In 2017, CITIC Securities established standardised systems, procedures and specifications for all of its businesses, including customer service, network management and appraisals.

Improved Customer Service Through IT at CITIC Heavy Industries

  • CITIC Heavy Industries introduced a new three-part customer service system to provide customers with in-depth service and technology-related solutions. In 2016, the Company completed the construction of the Panorama Platform for its customer service system and in the following year further expanded the scope and depth of its IT system. It also developed an intelligent service platform with customer experience, the supply stock exploration and intelligent service, achieved the all-dimensional interaction between the company and customers. In addition, CITIC Heavy Industries explored spare parts, business opportunities in service industry in depth and built itself as a comprehensive service provider.

Improving Customer Relationships

In addition to providing safe, stable and reliable products and services, we are also committed to protecting the rights of consumers. With the aim of protecting their right to know, we are continuously improving our customer management systems through surveys and the feedback we receive.

Protecting Customers' Rights and Interests

  • CITIC Bank improved its information technology with the launch of its Emergency Plan for Information Technology Outsourcing Management plan, which provides detailed specifications on handling emergencies, including outsourcing, risk identification and risk response, and emergency drills. The new plan ensures that clients’ capital is secure by minimising information technology risk.
  • CITIC Securities Information Technology Center implemented a more rigidly defined information security policy during the year, the Information System Security Management Methods. This policy covers the management of physical security, internet security, host/terminal security, application security and data security, as well as the protection of customer information.

Responding to Customers

  • CITIC Heavy Industries conducted regular investigations, performed statistical analyses of product quality, and distributed a customer questionnaire with telephone follow-up and user visits. The appropriate responses were made based on the comments and suggestions of customers. With constant improvements in product quality and the expansion of its after-sales service, CITIC Heavy Industries raised customer satisfaction levels during the year, with no consumer complaints recorded.
  • CITIC Dicastal closely monitored its customer systems to ensure first-time access to external information. This enabled it to respond quickly to customer complaints, with a preliminary reply within 24-hours. In internal analysis meetings, staff proposed improvement measures and followed up.

Financial Education for Customers

  • CITIC Bank launched three major public financial education programmes under three key themes during the year. These programmes were arranged by the Bank’s head office, organised at the branch network level, and implemented by each banking office. Staff members were selected to publicise the programmes in schools, communities and in commercial areas. They helped to convey basic financial knowledge that is necessary in consumers’ daily lives and the skills needed to prevent financial risks.
  • In response to the Protecting Investors • Understanding Regulations and Clarifying Risks campaign organised by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, CITIC Securities focused on insider trading, market manipulation and illegal information disclosure and irregular operations. It also implemented online and offline communication channels to publicise cases and other financial education topics.