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Information Services

CITIC Limited provides information services through two subsidiaries: CITIC Telecom International and AsiaSat.

CITIC Telecom International was established in 1997 in Hong Kong and was listed in Hong Kong on 3 April 2007. The company’s services cover international telecommunications services, providing mobile international roaming, international voice, international SMS, international data and international value-added telecommunications services, etc. to global carriers (including mobile operators, fixed line operators, virtual network operators, Internet operators and OTT operators). The company is one of the largest telecommunications hubs in Asia Pacific, with “DataMall”, the world’s first mobile trading platform and SIMN as our self-developed products. The company wholly owns the CITIC Telecom Tower (with a floor area of approximately 340,000 sq ft) and two large-scale data centres in Hong Kong.

CITIC Telecom International’s subsidiary, Acclivis Technologies and Solutions Pte. Ltd. is based in Singapore and its business covers peripheral countries including Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. It provides onestop cross-regional enterprise ICT services including Internet access, Cloud, disaster recovery and system and network integration. It also owns the reputable Internet service brand “Pacific Internet” in Singapore and Thailand, as well as data centres and Cloud computing centres in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited (CPC), the company provides one-stop ICT solutions to multinational and business enterprises, including VPN, EPL, Internet access, cloud computing, information security, Cloud data centre and a series of value-added services, etc. CPC is one of the most trusted partners of leading multinational and business enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region. CPC has gained a foothold in the mainland China market through its subsidiary, China Enterprise ICT Solutions Limited (CEC), providing comprehensive ICT services for sizable multinational and business enterprises in mainland China. CEC possesses various nationwide licenses in value-added telecommunications services in mainland China, including nationwide Ethernet VPN, and has built cloud data centres in a number of cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

CITIC Telecom International holds 99% equity interest in Companhia de Telecomunicações de Macau, S.A.R.L. (CTM). CTM is one of the leading integrated telecommunications services providers in Macau, and is the only full telecommunications services provider in Macau (including mobile, Internet, fixed line, data centre, enterprise ICT and international telecommunications). As a market leader, it has long provided quality telecommunications and ICT services to the residents, government and enterprises of Macau, and plays an important role in the ongoing development of Macau.

As at the end of 2017, CITIC Telecom International has established branch organisations in 21 countries and regions. The number of staff reached above 2,460, with network covering more than 130 countries and regions, connecting to over 600 operators globally, and serving over 3,000 MNCs and 40,000 local enterprises. CITIC Telecom International has a number of ISO quality and network security accreditations, and have been recognised as the best employer and green enterprise for years.

AsiaSat’s business involves the leasing and sale of satellite transponders, broadcasting, communications and data uploading and downloading services.


CITIC Limited’s infrastructure business is involved in the investment and management of ports and port terminals as well as regional development in China through CITIC Industrial Investment. CITIC Limited also has an interest in the Western Harbour Tunnel in Hong Kong.

The regional development business refers to the Xidian New Town Project in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, for which CITIC Industrial is constructing seashore polders, land consolidation, urban infrastructure and supporting projects such as water engineering and green land development. The planned land area is approximately 6,480mu, and the planned gross floor area is approximately four million square metres.

The port terminals business mainly consists of investment in and the proprietary operation of liquefied oil terminals and storage, as well as the operation of other types of berths, such as container berths. At present, CITIC has completed three grid-layout investment projects in the Yangtze River Delta and the Yangtze River Economic Belt, where it operates liquefied oil ports with a handling capacity of 37.65 million tonnes and a storage capacity of 2.09 million cubic metres. In the future, CITIC will expand into investment projects in the Pearl River Delta and Bohai Economic Rim by focusing on liquefied oil. Its ultimate goal is to be a port and storage investor and operator, particularly of domestic ports, with a leading position and influence in this market segment. In addition, CITIC aims to offer a supply chain management service through a facility network.

General Trading

Dah Chong Hong (DCH) is engaged in the distribution and sale of motor vehicles and associated services, food and FMCG, healthcare and electronics products, as well as the provision of logistics services. The preferred partner of over 1,000 brands in more than 30 countries and regions, DCH has well-established networks in Asia Pacific offering a wide range of supply chain solutions.

In 2017, DCH delivered a 56.9% increase in profit attributable to ordinary shareholders due to strong performance in its mainland China motor business and the consolidation of a full year of results for the rebranded consumer and healthcare distribution businesses, IMSA and DCH Auriga, respectively.

Environmental Services

CITIC Environment Investment Group (CITIC Environment) is CITIC Limited’s specialised investment and operational platform in the field of environmental protection. Its business covers three major sectors, namely water treatment, solid waste treatment, and energy saving services.

After CITIC’s completion of the acquisition of Singapore listed company CITIC Envirotech in 2015, CITIC Environment has been helping CITIC Envirotech to expand the business by taking advantage of the internal and external resources of the Group. In 2017, CITIC Envirotech recorded a year-on-year increase of 20% in net profit attributable to the parent company. As at the end of 2017, the total average designed daily handling capacity of its water treatment facilities exceeded 5.5 million tonnes. CITIC Envirotech is also expanding its business in countries along the Belt and Road. On 7 June 2017, witnessed by Chang Zhenming, Chairman of CITIC Limited, and BakhytzhanSagintayev, the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, the representatives of CITIC Envirotech and Kazakhstan Karazhanbas Oil Company signed a construction and operating agreement for a water treatment plant at the KBM Oil Field. This made CITIC Envirotech the first environmental protection company to invest on a produced water recycling project in Kazakhstan. In 2017, CITIC Envirotech was awarded the bid for an aquatic environment project that will be the largest project of its kind since the incorporation of the Company — the Lanzhou Waste Water Treatment PPP Project — with a total investment of RMB4.6 billion. CITIC Envirotech’s membrane production subsidiary in the United States — Memstar USA is expected to commence production in 2018. CITIC Envirotech will then become one of the very few companies in the world which cover the complete industrial chain of MF, UF, NF and RO membrane research, development, production and application. With the help of Memstar USA, CITIC Envirotech will proactively expand its international market for membrane technology.

After becoming the second largest shareholder of Chongqing Sanfeng Environmental Industrial Group in 2016, CITIC Environment in 2017 expanded from household waste incineration into the solid waste disposal business, including land restoration, hazardous solid waste disposal and sludge treatment. At the end of 2017, CITIC Environment increased its shareholding in Chongqing Sanfeng Environmental Industrial Group. Until the end of 2017, Sanfeng Environment has invested and signed 26 WTE projects domestically, with the treatment capacity of 41,700 TPD. Sanfeng’s technology and equipment have been applied to 232 incineration lines in the United States, Germany, ranking the first place in Chinese WTE industry. In 2017, the profit attributable to ordinary shareholders of Sanfeng Environment increased by 35% compared with 2016.

Modern Agriculture

CITIC Agriculture serves as the platform to plan and execute CITIC Limited’s agriculture investment strategy. CITIC Agriculture focuses on agricultural biotechnology with a mission of upgrading China’s agricultural industry. Leveraging CITIC Limited’s advantages in capital, branding and internationalisation, CITIC Agriculture today is building and shaping globally competitive agricultural companies.

In 2017, Longping High-tech, controlled by CITIC Limited, recorded a year-on-year increase of more than 50% in profit attributable to ordinary shareholders. Longping has also successfully acquired Sanrui Agritec, leader in the edible sunflower hybrid industry, and Hebei Uni Agri, leader in the hybrid foxtail millet industry. Driven by organic business growth and M&A, Longping High-tech has now become one of the top ten seed companies worldwide.

In 2017, CITIC Agri Fund, together with Longping High-tech, completed the acquisition of Dow AgroSciences’ corn seed business in Brazil for a purchase price of US$1.1 billion. The acquisition includes a copy of Dow’s Brazilian corn germplasm bank, production sites, research centres, and the ownership of dominant trademarks.


CITIC Press is a major provider of integrated content and associated services in mainland China, principally engaged in book publishing, digital publishing, bookstore retailing, education and training services and IP operation. For its publication, distribution and retail operations, CITIC Press has obtained all licenses issued by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television.

CITIC Press was listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations at the end of 2015, becoming the first listed state-owned company in the publishing industry. In May 2017, the CITIC Press’ IPO application to list on the Growth Enterprise Market of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange was officially received by the China Securities Regulatory Committee. Post-IPO, CITIC Limited’s holding in CITIC Press will decrease from 88% to 66%.

General Aviation

CITIC Offshore Helicopter (COHC) operates a full-service general aviation business in China. Among its main businesses are offshore oil helicopter operation services; general aviation services such as aerial photography, maritime patrol, polar survey operations, HPS, forest fire prevention and powerline operations; general aviation maintenance; and financing and rental services. COHC’s offshore oil helicopter services enjoy the leading position in the industry in terms of market share. It is the only general aviation company engaged in helicopter pilotage and the only general aviation enterprise offering an overseas in-flight service for offshore petroleum exploration.

Based in Shenzhen, COHC’s operations cover the South China Sea, East China Sea, Bohai Sea, and domestic areas except Tibet, the South Pole and the North Pole. COHC also operates a service centre for Airbus Helicopters in China.