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Economic Environment

CITIC Limited operates diversified businesses globally in various countries and regions. As a result, its financial condition, operational results and business prospects are, to a significant degree, subject to the development of both international and domestic economies, as well as the political and legislative environment.

As China’s economy is undergoing structural changes, the formation of new growth drivers involves further reforms in a variety of areas, including politics, economy, technology, culture and society. With the sluggish global economic recovery, growth remains soft in the developed economies and tends to be more divergent across regions due to significant differences in inherent structures. In emerging markets, economic growth continues to slow down. The economic rebound is still vulnerable due to the lowering of potential market growth as well as the weakness in commodity prices and capital outflows. If negative economic factors appear in countries and regions in which CITIC Limited operates, there might be an adverse impact on its operational results, financial condition and profitability.