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Growing Together with Our Employees

One of the objectives of CITIC Limited is to build a platform on which employees can showcase their talents and abilities. We not only consider what employees can do for us, but what we can do for our employees. Through a set of carefully designed initiatives, we believe we can grow with our employees.

Equality as the Foundation of Growth

Legal compliance

  • Our labour contracts were established and modified in accordance with relevant laws and regulations to protect the lawful rights of our employees and to develop strong relationships with our staff. Our labour contract signing rate was 100% over the years.
  • CITIC-Prudential adopted a new labour contract policy, under which staff initially signed a one-year fixed term labour contract without a probationary period clause and with a nonfixed term labour contract to be signed upon expiry.

Equal job opportunities

  • We are committed to the provision of fair opportunities in our staff recruitment process by adhering to the principle of open recruitment based on merit, without regard to race, nationality, religion, physical disability or gender.

Staff overview

At the end of 2017, CITIC Limited employed 243,036 staff, representing an increase of 115,426 as compared with the previous year. (1)

Note: (1) The 112,360 employees from M China Management Limited were included in the scope of statistics.

Training for Future Growth

Career Paths

  • In line with our people-oriented philosophy, we arrange for staff postings and exchanges between our headquarters and subsidiaries, among subsidiaries, and between CITIC and relevant provincial and municipal governments. This has broadened the training of our staff and given them greater exposure to our diverse operations.

Talent Strategy

  • To implement our Talent Strategy during the 13th FYP period, we formed five talent teams, which will function as a talent pool in support of the Company’s development.

Five talent teams

Training Programmes

  • In 2017, our subsidiaries organised more than 6,000 training programmes, with over 700,000 staff participating. In particular, the Company launched the CITIC Excellence Training Project to help talents develop more versatile skills. The Company also organised large-scale training in Hong Kong for the first time and set up open classes. The Company encourages subsidiaries to share training resources and to synergise their training.
  • CITIC Bank initiated an employee certification training system. China Securities organised the Special Advanced Class to Strengthen Leadership Quality for 26 business managers who had been in their jobs for an average of 10 years since their graduation in 2007 and had already moved into executive posts. CITIC Dicastal invited three groups of US Dicastal employees to take the training in China. At CITIC Heavy Industries, we developed and reviewed 5 major categories of work and 12 skills upgrading courses. CITIC Press established a training development system, consisting of promotion for specific and general abilities, new employee training, online training and external resources training. CITIC Pacific received the Manpower Developer award of the Employees Retraining Board (ERB) during the year in recognition of its efforts in staff training and personnel development.

Rewarding Our Staff

Awards and recognitions

  • In 2017, one of our overseas staff won the Chinese Government Friendship Award and three won special government allowances from the State Council. Outstanding young employees and the young officers’ team also received honours from the Company.
  • Among our subsidiaries, CITIC Telecom International was presented with the Family Friendly Employer Award by the Hong Kong Home Affairs Bureau, the Hong Kong Family Council and the Macau Foundation, respectively. Dai Xiaoyun Studio of the Lidian Energy Group was named a Jiangyin Skills Master Studio, and Yangzhou Pacific selected 10 “Pacific craftsmen” for setting an example to employees.


  • During the year, Chairman Chang Zhenming and General Manager Wang Jiong met with award-winning experts to support them and their scientific researches. We contacted media outlets such as People’s Daily to publicise our human resources programmes.
  • Some of our subsidiaries took the opportunity of International Labour Day to showcase model workers and mobilise other employees. Xinyegang Steel provided special allowances to the “Xinyegang Steel craftsmen” and “operation experts”.

Employee activities

  • To promote quality of life and improve staff morale in the workforce, the Company organises a variety of recreational, sports, social and other activities. These include football, basketball, badminton and other sports activities, as well as events for parents and their children. To help employees in need, the Company established a Mutual Help Fund with over RMB400,000 provided to subsidise the education of our employees’ children. On New Year's Day and during the Chinese New Year period, our corporate headquarters donated over RMB1.3 million to help 221 employees in our 26 subsidiaries and their families.
  • CITIC Securities set up a space for nursing employees, while CITIC Huyu invited psychologists to provide regular mental health counselling. The business division of CITIC Construction (Algeria) sent 11 employees to a sports meeting organised by local China-invested enterprises.

Health and Safety

Our safety policy emphasises prevention and comprehensive management for our employees’ physical and mental health. Under our safety management policy, we supervise and inspect our facilities to eliminate possible risks and dangers, and carry out extensive an staff awareness programme on safe operations.

Controlling risks from the source

We comply with all relevant laws and regulations on occupational health and safety, and continued strengthening our safety management system to ensure safe working conditions.

CITIC Limited

  • In 2017, CITIC Limited organised safe production training programmes for all subsidiaries and visited the sites of major subsidiaries. We also held a Safe Production Month and distributed educational videos on safe production.
  • CITIC Limited has pledged to inspect its subsidiaries engaged in resources and energy, manufacturing and engineering contracting, with targets set for safety management at all levels of the Company.

CITIC Mining International

  • CITIC Mining International established a Health Safety Management System (HSMS) to help employees and contractors meet regulatory requirements. The HSMS system and related safety practices will continue to be enhanced and integrated into CITIC Mining’s corporate culture.
  • In 2017, CITIC Mining held an HSE Contractors Forum to promote better communication on safety and developed a Fatality Risk Management programme for maintaining zero fatalities and zero high potential incidents.

Protecting workers’ health and safety

During the year, we strengthened our safety measures to greatly reduce, control or eliminate safety risks. We also distributed protective equipment and carried out regular health checks.

CITIC Heavy Industries

  • CITIC Heavy Industries distributed protective devices and minimised risks leading to work-related injuries and occupational diseases. Each year, the Company conducts checks on harmful factors such as noise, manganese dust and radiation, and introduces preventive measures to guard against these risks.
  • In 2017, CITIC Heavy Industries organised health checks for 1,546 employees exposed to various hazards. No serious injuries, deaths or new cases of occupational disease were reported during the year.

Sunburst Energy • Shandong New Dragon Coal Mine

  • CITIC Heavy Industries distributed protective devices and minimised risks leading to work-related injuries and occupational diseases. Each year, the Company conducts checks on harmful factors such as noise, manganese dust and radiation, and introduces preventive measures to guard against these risks.
  • In 2017, CITIC Heavy Industries organised health checks for 1,546 employees exposed to various hazards. No serious injuries, deaths or new cases of occupational disease were reported during the year.

Improved accident prevention

We believe that a thorough troubleshooting system is the best way to maintain safety and prevent accidents. This involves special screenings with daily checks to identify possible risks and dangers and to resolve existing safety problems and hazards on a timely basis.

CITIC Heavy Industries

  • In the first half of 2017, CITIC Heavy Industries organised all units to check those places with less operation, for preparation process and post-processing outside workshops, 127 were identified as potential risk sources; in the second half year, it reviewed all potential risk sources. It formulated differentiated control and management measures for type A, B and C hazardous operations to improve the differentiated control and management system of each unit.
  • It also carried out special inspections on the basis of comprehensive inspection of potential dangers. As for the 482 comprehensive inspections and 3,318 special inspections, no major risks and hazards were found./span>

CITIC Construction

  • CITIC Construction installed a Project Site Safety Monitoring System with over 40 cameras in 5 divisions and 11 project departments to give headquarters the ability to conduct real-time monitoring and maximise safety.
  • The Business Division of CITIC Construction in Latin America inspected more than 300 items in 9 categories for potential safety hazards and recommended corrective measures for each.

Safety awareness training

We carry out regular, in-depth security training and emergency exercises, publish manuals and give lectures to raise safety standards among employees.

CITIC Resources, CITIC Construction

  • Yuedong Oilfield of CITIC Resources organised its annual emergency practice drill at its onshore terminal processing plant during the year. The exercise included a simulated rescue, firefighting and oil spill recovery, as well as training in sewage recycling and disposal.
  • The business divisions of CITIC Construction in eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of the Independent States also undertook safety education and training in 2017. Additionally, they had subcontractors and construction staff conduct daily safety inspections, weekly safety meetings and monthly work meetings to promote safety knowledge and skills.

CITIC Building

  • CITIC Building set up an emergency response team, in which members participated in government fire safety training and monthly fire simulation drills. Additionally, the Company checked its safety training and emergency plan, and held a fire safety evacuation and self-rescue exercise. Other safety initiatives during the year included fire safety training, publication of a fire safety leaflet and a fire safety bulletin board posted in public areas.